Sustainable social Development

Helping Local Students Fulfil there Educational Dream.

Shakti the CSR wing of Shree Shakti, has an annual sponsorship program where economically weaker students are identified and sponsored through school and college. The program started in 2017 when Shakti identified educational institutes which believed in providing quality education to all sections of society. Under this program Shakti conducts annual awareness to facilitate admissions of students in High School and College.

At the heart of all initiatives undertaken by Shree Shakti is for sustainable livelihoods of water.

Rain-fed agriculture being practiced by more than half the farming community, their entire livelihoods depend on the monsoons. And ironically, most of their farmlands receive low and erratic rainfall. In addition to this, the absence of proper irrigation infrastructure often results in crop failure. The only plausible solution to this challenge is the creation of alternative sources of water, and irrigation.

The availability of water also forms the core of food and nutrition security, good health, nutrition and hygiene. With large parts of rural India routinely grappling with severe drought, water security is essential in villages, where families need constant access to the resource to meet their household and cattle requirements. Through the implementation of water management initiatives, Shree Shakti encourages the adoption of practices that help conserve water and replenish existing water sources.